Top quality

... is homemade by us.

Top quality homemade by us.

Optimal results from perfect teamwork.

As manufacturers of high quality kitchen fittings, we are proud that we regularly see our products cited as milestones in our industry. Features which ensure that our products are always leaders in our markets include their strikingly simple and practical functionality combined with the highest manufacturing quality.

Part of our commitment to quality involves producing products with perfect surfaces. Surface finishes for our products are produced in our own electroplating facility – one of the largest and most advanced facilities worldwide. You can rely on us!

For us at Kesseböhmer quality assurance is a daily commitment.

All our production processes are designed with the aim of delivering the highest quality surfaces. We have planned the processes from the beginning so that all the normal standards and statutory regulations are far exceeded. Our quality management is rigorous. Not only in order to offer our customers premium surfaces, but also to maintain our leading market position. One important aspect of quality management is continuous monitoring of process parameters during production. We then subject the workpieces to rigorous inspection and testing

Stempel Approved

Optimized processes and quality assurance monitoring:

2D workpiece agitation in all metal depositing baths and during pretreatment
Pneumatically actuated workpiece movement in all metal depositing baths and in pretreatment
3D workpiece movement in high-gloss and semi-gloss nickel, and copper
Online monitoring of electrolyte control is standard
Kavitec degreasing, Venturi system
Surfaces free of chrome VI residues thanks to an advanced, highly efficient washing system
Uniform current application
Process-optimized filtration
Hot and electrolytic degreasing

Trust is good, but monitoring is more effective.

Reliability is a multi-dimensional concept that goes hand-in-hand with quality. To make sure that we are a reliable partner for our customers, we have put in place redundant quality systems and double and triple quality assurance checks. Highly motivated employees who have worked for the company for many years are absolutely central to our quality promise.

Our customers profit from our strong commitment to quality. Environmental protection and occupational health and safety are other aspects of our quality commitment. The 5000 m2 collection tanks are part of our commitment to protecting the environment. They are also a visible indication of the size of our electroplating facility.

2 separate facilities at different locations
Extensive fire protection measures
2 independent energy sources (wood and gas) which are used as required
5000 m² acid-resistant, chemicals retention basin tiled to comply with the German Water Resources Management Act (WHG)
Kontrolle Galvanik