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Kesseböhmer Bohmte

New administration building completed in December 2017 for Kesseböhmer Warenpräsentation GmbH & Co. KG in Bohmte.
The new three-storey building with a floor area of approx. 1,220 m² includes 34 offices, a showroom and two conference rooms.


Krause Metall in Herrnhut

In September 2017 work starts on a construction project for Krause Metall in Herrnhut, part of the Kesseböhmer Group.
The 6,000 m² expansion adds warehousing and production capacity, together with offices, staff facilities and an underground car park.


Galvanik III in Dahlinghausen

Third electroplating unit, “Galvanik III”, goes into operation in Dahlinghausen.
A milestone in the company’s 62-year history – together with “Galvanik II”, commissioned in 2009, one of the largest and most advanced electroplating systems in the world is now operating in the small town of Bad Essen-Dahlinghausen. The new electroplating unit takes up an area of 16,500 m². That’s more than two football pitches. Building it required moving 17,000 m³ earth, pouring 6,000 m³ concrete and using 2,000 t steel.


New coating unit in Bohmte

New coating unit in Bohmte.


Holzwerk Rockenhausen

Holzwerk Rockenhausen is the newest member of the Kesseböhmer.
Group with around 40 employees and a plant with a total area of approx.10,000 m² (4,000 m² production and 500 m² office space).


Showroom ChinaShowroom opened in China.


Krause Metall’s 90th anniversary.


Bohmte plant expanded by 9,200 m² of extra production area and 2,300 m² high-bay distribution centre


Schwarz Werkzeugbau invests several million euros in a new Try-out Center.
In a purpose-built production hall, two new presses (30,000 kN and 8,000 kN) and an 80-tonne crane go into operation. Existing presses are retrofitted to the latest technical standard. 20% new jobs are created and production is organized on a 3-shift basis.


Sales: EUR 370 million,
Total number of employees in the Group: 2,100, of these 161 were trainees


Production plant expansion at Krause Metall in Herrnhut (2,500 m² expansion) and at Kesseböhmer Weilheim (4,500 m² expansion).


Heinrich J. Kesseböhmer dies in a tragic road accident.

Group sales in 2011: over EUR 300 million
Total number of employees in the Group: over 2,000


Bohmte: purchase of neighbouring site with 4,000 m² production space.


Founding of Toplifter in Budapest, Hungary together with long-term business partner Häfele, takeover of the Huwil Toplifter product family.

2008 / 2009

Completion of the second electroplating unit in Dahlinghausen incl. commissioning of a 4.5 MW wood-fuelled power station for regenerative energy.


Construction start on a further electroplating unit in Bad Essen-Dahlinghausen.


Modernization and expansion of the Herrnhut plant.

Group sales in 2007 approx. EUR 250 million
Total number of employees in the Group 1,750



12,600 m² expansion of the Lübeck plant.
Commissioning of another powder-coating system.


Celebration of 50-year company anniversary

Direct sales in 52 countries. Five production plants – all in Germany.

Annual sales 2004: DM 352 million /EUR 180 million,
1,450 employees



Plant in Dahlinghausen expanded by around 12,000 m² and adjacent west site completed (car park, new access to main road, rainwater storage reservoir).


7,000 m² expansion of the Bohmte plant.


Storebest Lübeck

Übernahme des System-Ladenausstatters Storebest in Lübeck und damit Abrundung des Angebotes im Segment „Warenpräsentation und Ladenbau“.


Expanded product portfolio for ergonomic office furniture and caravan fittings by acquiring a plant in Weilheim, Stuttgart and a supplier of furniture fittings in Herrnhut, Saxony.

Annual sales 1998: DM 200 million,
1,000 employees



Oliver Kesseböhmer joins company management team.


Export business intensified.


Renovation and extension of an historic half-timbered building as a show house for furniture fittings systems.

Annual sales 1990: DM 100 million,
740 employees


Replacement of the original electroplating unit in Dahlinghausen with a new building.


Powder-coating system for the Bohmte plant


Following his father’s death, Heinrich J. Kesseböhmer takes over as Kesseböhmer CEO.

Annual sales 1979: DM 35 million,
300 employees



Bohmte plant expanded and new coating system commissioned.

1975 to 1990

Acquisition of shares in DWD-Drahtwaren, Deizisau, Stuttgart. Manufacture of baskets for dishwashers and wire racks for fridges.


Early 1970s

Continuous expansion of production capacity in Dahlinghausen and Bohmte.

Annual sales 1970: DM 12 million,
250 employees


Bohmte plant opened. New modern powder-coating system in Dahlinghausen expands surface treatment capacity.

First INTERZUM 1969 international supplier trade fair – with Kesseböhmer.


Strong growth in demand for Kesseböhmer display systems. Kesseböhmer display stands are used for POS display of products from Henkel, Nestlé, Coca Cola, Vileda, Bosch and many other leading brands, including Tempo tissues. Bohmte factory is rebuilt.


First export contacts established.


The first electroplating plant in Dahlinghausen goes into operation.

Early 1960s

Collaboration with major kitchen manufacturers to develop a versatile range of fittings for kitchen units (later also bathroom and bedroom furniture).


Fluidized-bed coating system for plastic coating goes into operation.


The first new building (1,500 m²) expands production capacity for presentation and display systems.

Annual sales 1961: DM 1 million,
40 employees


Adding a PVC-coating system enables Kesseböhmer to expand into production of plastic-coated decorative items and sales and display stands.


Josef Kesseböhmer and his son Heinrich J. Kesseböhmer take over manufacturing operations of Becker & Co. in Bad Essen, Dahlinghausen. The company produces wire baskets and display stands for shopfitting and presentation.